Trossi, aka red squirrel, is John's permanent slave and Gloria's sister according to her master's fetishes. She rule Torres's arena with her sister.


Before Cursed ArmorEdit

We don't know how Trossi ended to become John's slave, but she know that Gloria were the one who trained her to become a good slave. When she fall under John's divine artefact power, she became her loyal permanent sex slave and take the nickname of red squirrel. When John kidnap Sarah, she support her sister Gloria and show no affection to the princess.

Cursed ArmorEdit

Trossi play a less important role than Gloria. She just follow her wherever she go and get caught with her by Youde's men. when John were killed, Youde take her and Gloria for testing John's divine artifact and see if he can gain the two slaves loyalty.


Trossi is a really submissive person. She love John and is loyal to him, but she also love Gloria. Even if she said this is her sister, it seem's that she were lovers since they share the same cell. Probably due to artifact influence, Trossi is really lewd, but have less sex experience than Gloria.


Gloria : Trossi have some sincere affection toward Gloria. They still together, no matter what happen (unless Gloria ask her to rule the Arena when she have something to do). They probably are lovers.

John : This is Trossi's master. John submit her by his divine artifact. Trossi love John and pledge loyalty to him. She will do absolutely anything to him.

Lilina : As a potential sister, Trossi show some affection to Lilina. But since she act less than Gloria, we cant really know how much she could like her.

Sarah : We dont really know if Trossi dislike her or no. Anyway, she supported Gloria against her so she will say that she didn't like her.