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Created by Kravenar Games

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In this story YOU can change the events based on your will. Your character got a Car Crash after losing job and breaking up with his girlfriend and wakes up in a World between the "World of The Livings" and the "World of The Deads"... to survive and come back to the World of the Livings he makes a deal with this Spirit called Versyl, bonding his soul to the Versyl's spirit. Now you come back from the dead as immortal human with amazing powers of Mind Control ready to get your Revenge or Save the world from a Dark fate! Choose wisely.​

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Adventure, Fantasy, ADV, RPG, Foot Fetish, 3DCG, Seduction, Bondage, Corruption, Big Tits, Incest, Sex, Oral, Masturbate, Voyeur, Pregnancy (Optional), Netorare (Optional), Futanari (Optional)

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