Cursed Armor I Edit

Prologue Line Edit

The Prologue is the first part of the game, where we saw what happen to Lilina until the game really start. Player can skip the prologue : he can make the choice after he chose the difficulty level. During the prologue, we meet Lilina, the protagonist, who make the decision to become a great adventurer, just like her idol Nastela. Then she heard a voice who lead you to Nastela's grave where she find the cursed crown. This item will curse her and she will be raped by a monster until Hiller save her and lead her back to the church. At this point, she will have to go to a journey to gather 6 items for remove the crown before she became the new lust queen. After a she got some rest, she will meet Seaclya who will explain her what is her destiny. Unless the player chose the hard level, Seaclya will rape Lilina and activate the cursed armor's full power.

Relic Line Edit

This is the main quest. She's short to describe, but you will have a long time to do her. You can always check her in memorandum. You should join the guild because you will spend so time in forest, so you could harvest herbs and mushroom and fight slimes you could use for your guild's quests to gain some gold and experience. If it's your first run and you want avoid to lose boss fight, hire some companions in the guild (for this, take any quest and hire one of groups you can see in front of guild master's desk. If you want to know more about the two teams, check the guild line's page.) To start the quest, talk to Hiller, the priest in the church, who tell you where the first relic are : in the forest. Boss's zone are unexplorable at night, so go in during the day. This is hard to lost your way. The more inconvenient will be slimes. But the can help you to level up. In the forest's 2nd zone (with pink slimes), there's a bandit who wandering in the middle. If this is your fist run, AVOID HIM or you could be beaten and probably send to Torres city... and you won't this (if you're send to Torres, go check the Slave line's page to see what you gonna have and how to get out of here quickly). Keep harvest herbs and mushroom to gain some experience at the guild (plus, herbs can heal you 100 hp if you use em) and open chests. In front of the boss's zone, you will find a tent. You can sleep here if you are injured. When you are ready, go to the boss's zone and prepare to fight Lamias and her slime's army... or just let em beat you. This is also an option who will have consequences only at the end of this quest (you'll see). There will be four fights. The 3rd first fights will be against slimes. If you are low level, you gonna have a bad time : the will strip you and rape you. Each rape will cost you 100 hp and you will be vulnerable (companions will be useful in this case). The last fight will be against lamias. If you beat em, you will save a poor lady in distress and gain the poseidon crystal. If you fail, you will be raped and Seaclya will give em 1/7th to your soul at a contract, but you won't have the crystal easily. You need to become a decent seedbed. For this, go be raped by slime to growth your birthing/maternity stat. 6 or 7 birthing should be enough. 1 week later, lamias will use you to give birth to some slimes. If you pleased em, the will give you crystal. Then you will spend one day each week as a seedbed for em. Go back to Anvil. Hiller will give you the next relic's position 4 days later. Until this day, go make some guild quests to gain xp and gold (and buy some equipment if you want). When the 4th day has come, go talk to hiller. The Golden apple is in the forest to. At the first zone (with blue slimes) go to the southwest. A road had been blocked by a rock, but it's praticable now. The two next zones will be filled respectively by bees and scorpios. They will be more strong than slimes and can poison you. There's also a bandit so avoid him if you can't manage him. Go open some chests and harvest herbs/mushrooms. Another tent will be here in front of boss's zone if you need some rest. The boss is a treant. Cast some fire magic to beat him. But be careful : he can injury you with some powerful strikes. If you beat him, the apple is yours and you can go back to Anvil. But if you lost, You will lost 1/7th of your soul, once again and your breast will produce milk. To get the apple in 7 days, you need to store some milk so go have some sex to this. You will also gain a lust skill « milking » who allow you to put your milk in bottle (and gain some « mana potion » wit this) but avoid tu use him until you wont have the apple. When you got him, go back to Anvil. Once again, Hiller need 4 day to tell you where the next relic is. Until this day, complete some quests. Then talk to Hiller. The next relic is in the undead kingdom and you need to cross the forest. The exit is in the scorpio's zone, in the northeast. There is a stone outside of the castle. You can use him to go back to Anvil (and go back here by Anvil's stone). It will be useful to avoid to spend a teleport scroll or do all the road. Go inside the castle and check the tablet in the middle of the room. A ghost will possess you and show you an illusion. The castle is a maze and the road to take is shown by illusion : « Lilina »'s head will always point the good direction. Note that undead can't rape Lilina if you fail to fight em. So don't think you can gain SP here... At the end of the road, Lich king will fight you with some undeads. Even if they can't have sex, those one will strip you and bound you with some bondage's item and dildos. But if you can defeat me, you will gain the Death scepter. In case of defeat, you will lost 1/7 of your soul, which mean another soul contract and you will come back here one day per week. To gain the Death Scepter in this case, you need a flower. You can found this one in Nastela's temple, at north to Anvil. Good news, the stone we talked earlier will avoid you to use a scroll. Go pick the flower and came back by the stone to give the flower to the lich and obtain the staff... then go back to Anvil. 4 days later, Hiller will tell you to go to the mountain in the north to anvil and gain a horn. On the road, you'll see magic academy. There's a teleport stone here in case of need.

Mountain's road is easy : go straight. Avoid bandits, once again, but don't hesitate to explore and open chests. At the end of the road, you will fight a golem.

If you face him for the first time, you should consider to lose this fight : if he beat you, he give you the « Earth fury » curse who allow you to deal earth damages to all enemies for 50 mp (the skill will stay forever, when after you finish the game). Of course, for this run, it mean another soul contract.

In case of loss, anyway, you won't have to wait or do something, you will have the horn right now, so no matter if you win or lose, go back to Anvil and wait 4 anothers day to talk to Anvil and you will know where to go to have the Ice flower : in the northeast of the continent, to the Ice temple. On the road, you will sea a tent : this is the island village where you can found another teleport stone. Keep this village in mind, you will have to go there when you will do the Abadon quest.

If you want to explore the temple and open his chests, do it right now, because beat the boss will change the zone and chests will be locked. The temple is filled by water monsters, so fire spells won't be effective. The boss is protected by 3 statues. Check a statue will trigger a fight, but even if you lose a fight and be raped, the statue will be activated so just check the three statues.

The boss is an Ice Elf, a fireproof one. If she beat you, she will teach you Ice fury who are the same spell than the earth one but it deal ice damage (and this one too will be kept forever, even after a new game +) but, once again, you will made a soul contract. But you will have the ice flower right now.

If you win the fight, the temple will change and chests will be lost.

Go back to Anvil, skip 4 days and Hiller will tell you where the fire pearl are : to the left to Island Village (use the teleport stone

In this temple, some chests won't be reachable before you fought the boss because of the flames. Monsters who live here are dragons. If you learned Ice fury, it will be useful right now.

Once again, you have to fight 3 statues to reach the boss : the fire elf.

And this one too have some spell to learn (same conditions : forever learned, etc). He will learn flame fury and a fireproof spell to keep Lilina safe from flames on the map... and you will give a fragment of your soul but be warned : this contract have more importance than the other ones. In any case, victory or loss, you have the fire pearl right now !

Now that you have the 6 artefacts, go back to Anvil, prepare yourself and talk to Hiller to go to the final road.

On the ship's road, you will talk to Semalya. If you want, you can talk to Hiller too. One last teleportation stone will wait you before the last dungeon. Explore the zone and fight some bat (or late them make you comfortable, if you want). In the last room, you will reach the end.

You can have 5 differents ending :

Normal end : if you have 6 soul contracts (so each boss beat you), this is game over : the recent plot twist will break Lilina's mind. Seaclya has no choice but take Lilina's last soul contract and will possess her body to beat Hiller and Semalya. She will live as a Lust Queen and give bodies to Lilina to let her honor her contracts everyday. When a receptacle will be broken, she switch it to let Lilina live.

Next endings need to have 5 contracts or less.

Good ending A : you need to fulfill some conditions : be virgin, have some good memories to share with Seaclya (you need to do some events. This is sex scenes Like flower girl prostitution, guild master's sex scene, etc. (if you have a list to sex scenes who can fulfill this conditions, please note it here!) less than 1 000 in curse hidden stat and have companions special item (how to get em ? I never had this ending so I don't know!) then you have to win the final fight.

Good end B : you have two conditions to fulfill : once again, you have to share good memories with Seaclya and you need more than 1 000 in curse stats. Win the final fight and kill Hiller and Semalya. Lilina will accept to live as a lust queen and have some happiness in here lustly life.

Bad end A : if you lose to the final fight or give up (no good memories to share with Seaclya), Lilina will surrender and accept to be King Inma's wife. This end will occur if you hadn't made a soul contract with fire elf. Lilina will burn in the flames who separate her to the king (even if you cast the fireproof spell : the contract is needed to cross em).

Bad end B : the same, but you settled the contract with fire elf. Before you talk to the demon, go check the zone, there is two chests to open and gain some swords who can keep for new game +. When you talk to the king, he will absorb Lilina and brainwash her. She will have sex forever and feed king with lust energy to allow him to come back on earth and rule the world. Congratulations, you finished the main quest. Don't hesitate to launch a new game + : there still a lot of things to do !

Guild Line Edit

The Guild is an important element because you will go it often due to his interesting services. To get register as an adventurer, you must talk to the Guild Master (office at the right corner). You have two options : pay 5 000 gold or with your body. Feel free to chose, even if have sex with him won't take your virginity (in case you choose the hard mode). As soon as you are guild member, you have some possibilities :

  • you can do quests by talking to women at the office. The middle one give basics

quests, the left one give advanced and the right one trigger a quest who take place in Torres (when you finished guild line)

  • when you accept a quest, you can't sleep until you completed or cancelled it.

(you can cancel the quest by talking to the office girl, but you will pay for it). As long as a quest is active, you can hire some adventurers who are at the right corner. But when you completed the quest, you must spend one night with them. Those companions could be helpful, moreover if you try to achieve relic line's good end A. But you must buy them equipment with your own money.

  • You can launch the Hypnosis Line by talking to the men on the left.
  • Guild's doctor will sell you medicines and help you if you get parasited.

Some descriptions about companions : Mhairi is a whip user. She have an average damage stat. Her talent will use TP (it raise during a fight). She use double attack (hit random enemies twice), constraint (inflict paralysis to an enemy) and Snake Dance (hit all enemies).

Loki will come with Mhairi. This is a typical « Spell Knight » : he use sword, have some fight skills (double attack, dual attack and triple attack) and some spells (thunder light, flame and flame storm). So he's kinda polyvalent and interesting.

Melissa is a black mage who use staff. Her spells deal darkness damages (one or two ennemies) and she can make em asleep. Due to her high magic stat, you should buff her with a mage ring.

Lucia is her slave so she will follow Melissa to your adventures. Her armor and swords can't be take off (and reveal some of her history) but she's the best companion you can have due to her large skills panel. Note that if you spend a night with Melissa after completed a quest, there will be consequences : your stats and/or Lucia’s one will be affected (good or bad, who knows). And there is a chance that Melissa awaken your Lust skill « futanari » who will give you a penis (some sex scenes will be triggered by this and one quest need this skill).

Here is the quest list you can complete and how to fulfill em :

  • D rank : herb collect. Collect 10 medicinal herbs. Those herbs can be

gathered at Anvil forest. Note : those items heal 100 hp when you use it. If you gather em for yourself, it can be useful. Reward : 100 g and 50 xp

  • D rank : mushroom collect. Collect 10 mushroom. You can gather them too

in the forest, at the second zone (with pink slimes). Reward : 150 g and 100 xp

  • D rank : baht cleaning. You must do this quest alone. First, you need a

swimsuit. You can buy it in the shop near to the guild. Bath ar at the south part of Anvil City. The boss gonna tell you to clean bath. For this, go trough circles before timer reaches 0. BE CAREFUL : there is soap on the ground. If you walk on them, you will slip and the game will interrupt. You will fail and men will rape you. Reward : 300 g and 50 xp.

  • C rank : blue / pink/golden slimes slaying. Kill slimes and gather 15

slimes fluids (one quest for each color). Reward 150/200/300 g and 50/150/450 xp

  • B rank : abandoned well inspection (need to confirm the reward) : for this

quest, you must go to the City's well. Inside, you will find a naked girl. Talk to her. Monsters will attack. Lilina will be poisoned by an aphrodisiac venom who will make her lost hp each turn. If you win this fight, a second fight will be triggered and Lilina can't move for some turns. This is why you need companions.If you win the fight, you will go back to the guild and you will collect your reward. If you loose, you will trigger an independant quest : succubi's well.

  • B rank : parasite eggs collect. Go to the cave at est of Anvil and

harvest 10 parasite eggs. BEWARE to the parasite. If they infect you, take an insecticide or you will be parasited and, at last, go to the underground cave. This quest is necessary for the Parasite Line by the way. Reward : 500 g and 500 xp.

  • A rank : farm robber (need to check the reward) : you need this

quest for the Sacred Beast Line. Check the page if you want to do it. Guild will give you 10 000 gold. Go to the bar, a client will sell you a ticket for unicorn farm (5 000 g). Go to the north and talk to the guard. He will guide you to the farm (for some gold). The man who sold you the ticket will go with you. When you land to the farm, go to the north, at the 2nd farm's part. Go in the first house, talk to the desk guy. You will notice that your money is gone. You have 2 possibilities :

  • - you want to trigger the Sacred Beast Line so go to the page
  • - You want finish the quest. For this, go outside and check spectators until you

see the thief. Talk to him, he will run away. Go to the inn and talk to him again, he will run away once again. Get out of the farm, he will be on the map. Beat him to take back your money. Beware, the fight is kinda tricky if you are low level. Try some lust power for paralyse him.

  • A rank : (chinese title) This quest will trigger skooma

addiction : you need to talk to the beggar to Anvil poor street. He will kidnap you and drug you with skooma until you will become addict. The, go back to the guild and say the mission is completed. You will find the next part at independant event. Reward : 10 000 gand 2000 xp. Note that this quest will be unlocked only when you finish the guild line ! After those quest, you should be a senior member or almost (if your not a senior, do more quest or have sex with guild master until you reached it). To trigger the next part, you have to end the hypnosis first part until you have your own house. Then, have sex with guild master. This one will think you are « a model for the guild » and invite you to talk with everyone. Do it, then get out of the guild and come back. A newbie will stand in the hall. Help him 3 times : give him 15 slime's fluid for each color. After this, skip a night. The next day, you will find a dead guard. Go to the guild. Guild master will tell you that the guild is suspected to this murder and they cant keep them activities in the city. For now, you must wear a mask in town to don't be arrested by guards. You must find 3 companions in the forest. Each companion are in a zone : first (with blue slime), second (with pink one) and third (golden one). Talk to them, then go to the east, at the emergency camp (at east of parasite nest).

Let’s check this camp :

  • at the entry, a man will propose a quest you can do as much as you want :

you need to bring back potion, sedative and antidote.

  • If you are in easy mode, a hidden relic chest can be found on the left of the

house. You can't walk on it so try to find him. This relic will protect you from special poison. We will talk about it later.

  • You can sleep in the tent
  • the doctor is here to, but his stock is kinda limited.

Go to the house and talk to guild master. He wait some provisions who must pass by the mountain... and they are late. So he will send you and give you some explosives. You will easily find where are mountains by the circle on the entry. Go in there. Some bandits are here. Attack em. If you fail, don't worry, you just will spend your explosives. Then, go back talk to guild master. This time, he will send you to a forest (not the slime's one, you will see which one is the good, don't worry). Komsipno, the little guy you helped a little while ago, is missing.

This forest has two parts : the first where there are some wolves. The second is the mercenaries camp. You will see Komsipno. You have to decide if you want to go find him (missing information : what happen if you won't go ? ) and try to infiltrate or not. Pass the barriers and have your way to the right. To go to the building. If a mercenary see you, all of them will rush on you. So it will be hard to reach Komsipno until you haven't dealt with all of them. (missing information : what happen if you lose a fight?) Note that when you talk to Komsipno, mercenaries still wandering and can notice you and rush on you, but they won't fight until you finished to talk to Komsipno. When you talked to him, go back to emergency camp and talk to guild master. He will give you Villa's kee and you are free to use an bedroom upstair. Take some rest. At night, go to the east part of the camp, on the beach, and talk to guild master. Then mercenaries will attack. Go fight them... and Komsipno, the traitor. You can't win this fight. Even if you injure a lot Komsipnio, he will use a skill who will one shot you... For now, you are a mercenary's prisoner. The will rape you (if you wear a chastity belt... well... not anymore). Then, they will force you to drink a special poison who will affect you until a game end. When this poison will be activated (once per week), Lilina will automatically drink the antidote as long as she got one (missing information : what if she have no antidote?) but don't worry, anyway, you can easily gather antidotes... but first, let's see the mercenary camp where Lilina is forced to work :

  • there is a quest desk. Five quest are allowed, but only 3 will really work. The two

others are empty so since you can't fulfill objective, you will be obligatory cancel it. The 3 « true » quests are : herb collect, mushroom collect and wolf slaying (the one before mercenary camp. Kill them and gather 15 wolf pelt). You will gain experience and no gold but antidote. If you cancel a quest, you will be raped by mercenaries (and game some SP by the way)

  • once per day, you can talk to a mercenary behind quest desk and, if you accept to

have sex, he will give you an antidote.

  • You can sleep in the bedroom, but there is a high chance that someone will rape

you during this night. If you want a quiet night, go sleep in the jail.

  • Camp guardian will bother you if you get out in front of him. If you can't give

him a good reason to get out (obey to Komsipno or do a quest), he will force you to play to « catch the sheep ». This game is simple : Lilina will be naked and she must get out before she gat caught by a mercenary. Be discreet and try to get your way behind buildings and barrier. If she get caught, she will come back at the beginning and get raped. If she get caught 5 times, you lost the game and must come back at the house, where you will be raped all the day. If you want avoid « catch the sheep » game, get your way by barrier.

That's all you need to know about the camp. First thing to do : complete some quests to gather antidotes until the quest guy tell you that Komsipno want to see you. You will go to knock at his door and he send you back to adventurers to say them that you escaped alone. Go for it and follow adventurers. As soon as you can, go back to mercenaries camp and go see Komsipno. This time, he want to see you everyday for some sex. Randomly, a mercenary will bother Komsipno so you will have occasion to check the room. After your 3rd inspection, you must go back to the bed and he will send you kiss guildmasters with your semen covered lips. You must find Komsipno's plans to alert guild. You should find them in letters on the table. One of the table's item is Komsipno journal but he won't be useful... If you find plan, accept to kiss guild master and give him message, go get some rest in the upstairs bed and go back to Komsipno ruin his plan again. After 2 successful guild alert, you will trigger the next event. Mercenaries will drug you with aphrodisiac and they will send you to the guild. You just have to follow the story (no matter if you have sex or no at least) then talk to the guy at the entry. He will send you to the mountain because, once again, an expedition is in late. This time, it will be because of a beast. Defeat him (missing information : what happen if we fail?) then follow him at his lair to get your items back. Note that you can come back whenever you want to have sex with this beast. He's a good SP source. Go back to Adventurer's camp and talk to guild master. This time, he want to make you the new Angel Huntress... for this you will have to fight. No matter if you win or lose : you HAVE to be Angel Huntress (tank you deus ex machina). But if you win the fight, you will gain A LOT OF XP. If the fight is too hard for you, try to masturbate your enemy, then attack (or heal if you have low HP). After this fight, you will became Angel Huntress, then go back to Mercenaries camp and have sex with komsipno until you can, once again, check his bedroom for some plan that you will give to guild master and get some rest for one night. During the night, guild master will give you a mission : you must lead a group to Anvil. Go talk to the group then go to the city. On the road, you will be ambushed by mercenaries. You can't win this fight : even if you damage enough an enemy until he got 0 hp, he will stand and fight. So you have to lose and get raped until somebody save you. After this, follow guild master and discover the true plot of this twisted story. At least, you finished guild line and became guild master's wife. Here is some news :

  • the last A rank quest is available (the chinese one)
  • you still can go to mercenaries camp take some quests for antidote, have sexe

with the mercenary who give you one antidote or play to catch the sheep. Guild master will also give you antidote (as long as you have sex with him).

  • The quest girl at the right will give you the Torres quest. Go to Slave line's

page to know what you have to do.

Hypnosis Line Edit

This quest will have two parts.
1st part :

==== For this part, you need to become a guild member. Then, go talk to Loki, the soldier in the guild doctor's room. Loki will engage you for arrest a serial rapist. Since you will gain 5 000 g to complete this quest, you will accept. Loki will guide you to the inn for meet DraginSong. He will hypnotise you and impose two suggestions : become a cock sucker by a keyword and turn back sober by a fingersnap. After this, you will seek for the rapist during night. Explore the poor street of the city and find a naked girl. You will fall to a trap and meet your archenemies : Berryl and the Devil Eye. Berryl will start a training to turn you to her dog : she will hypnotise you each night. You have no choice but come back each night until you arrest her. After this first session, at the morning, go talk to Loki, then talk to DragonSong. Go back to sleep (and spend the night with Berryl). Next day, go seek DragonSong, but Berryl will intercept you and send you to sleep. The next day, you will finally meet DragonSong. He'll give you an authorization for talk to the « false rapist » in the jail. Go for it, Berryl will see you and send you to her training room for the night... Next day, go see DragonSong, he will send you harvest 5 Golden slime residue (not the fluid that you get when you beat em. Residues are on the ground, you will see them, dont worry) and 5 silver flowers. When you got those items, go back to DragonSong. You'll probably trigger a sucking cutscene so talk to DragonSong Again after this. Then, go get some rest... and see how you will be saved by DragonSong. Next day, go talk to Loki : he give you his house. This is the wooden one on the east part of the city. Inside, you will have a storage for your gold and some items. If you play in easy mode, check the crafts, you will find an invisible chest who contain a relic. After this, go see Dragonsong. He want to hang out with you. Take a night to think about it, then go see him and accept. Spend some days with him until he give you the Magic Academy's Student Card.
IMPORTANT : this is the end of the first part. If you try to get the 2nd part, here is some recommandations : ====

  • this is a hard part so make a save now and your next saves on another slot !

You have a high risk to have a bad ending.

  • The 2nd part will have some consequences like an unremovable quirk for Lilina's

and you won't be able to have relics, Cancary in cage and Futanari ends after this. But you will unlock the true end path. Think about it : which end would you have for this run ?

If you really want to continue on this line... lets go...

2nd part :
You will find the magic academy to the north of Anvil. You will see a magic stone who an avoid you to walk to Anvil next time.This is your last chance to make a safe save. After this, you should save in another slot until you finish this line. When you are ready, go in and talk to the janitor. After a long scene, you will notice, you thought you talked to the director, but it was Berryl and you already triggered her trap card. Now, you are a student of the Academy, Lilina's won't remember that she saw Berryl and spend her days to study magic. You are at the day « 0 ». Nothing will happen until you go to sleep, but you can explore the school before this.
Here is some explanations about the life at school : ==== ====

  • each day have 6 periods : early morning, morning, early afternoon, after

noon, dusk and night. Some events will trigger only during one period but not others. You can check what period is it thanks to the school clock.

  • You will spend 30 days at school and must escape to Berryl before this day, or

else you will have the Bad ending A.

  • To avoid bad ending, you need to :
  • - complete the 6 magic lessons in this order : light, wind, water,

fire, earth and thunder and pass the soul brand of each of this elements.

  • - meet the bad students of the schools and spend some times with them until you meet Anna.
  • - spend some nights with DragonSong and, when you must have to do, talk with thunder teacher.
  • - during your dark magic lesson, try to fuck with as much as student you

can. The A button will cost you 30 seconds so avoid him and spam the space/enter button for skip text without losing seconds When you have only one minute remaining, go back to the dark magic classroom

  • - when you finally contact Seaclya, you have to harvest 5 000 SP ! (this is hard but not impossible)

If you complete those requirements, you will have to fight Berryl. After this, your DragonSong affection's level will affect the consequences. If you love him enough (affection level > 20 I guess), you will have the true ending... or else, you will have the bad ending B. You can try this event by yourself. In case you want some help, you will find in this table the actions you have to do day per day (note that if an action is impossible during a day, do the next event in se same day part and report this one for tomorrow, as long as you do everything before the last day, it shall be ok).


Early morning


Early afternoon





Light (1st lesson)

you study

go to sleep


talk to your roommate



Light (2nd lesson)


wind (1st lesson)


talk to roommate



Light (3rd lesson)


wind (2nd lesson)


talk to roommate



water (1st)


wind (3rd lesson)


talk to roommate



water (2nd)


fire (1st)


talk to roommate



water (3rd)


fire (2nd)


talk to roommate



earth (1st)


fire (3rd)


talk to roommate



earth (2nd)


thunder (1st)


talk to roommate



earth (3rd)


thunder (2nd)


talk to roommate



light (4th)


thunder (3rd)


talk to roommate

you will meet DragonSong… go to sleep after this


light (5th)

go talk to green girl at the 2nd floor after your light lesson

wind (4th)


meet dragonsong in the garden

go to the 2nd floor and follow the ghost, trigger the dark magic lesson


light (6th)

go talk to green girl at the 2nd floor after your light lesson

wind (5th)


meet DragonSong on the balcony

go to the dark magic room


water (4th)


wind (6th)


meet thunder teacher at the 3rd floor

go back to dark magic classroom


water (5th)


fire (4th)


go to the cafeteria meet the bad student

dark magic classroom


water (6th)


fire (5th)


go to cafeteria meet bad student

dark magic classroom


earth (4th)


fire (6th)


go to cafeteria meet the bad student

dark magic classroom


earth (5th)


thunder (4th)


Go meet Dragonsong

go to sleep (soul brand : light triggered)


earth (6th)


thunder (5th)


go meet Thunder Teacher to the 3rd floor

go to sleep (soul brand : air triggered)


go to your bed and skip morning lesson. After this, go meet bad student at his bedroom on the left

you skip lesson

thunder (6th)


go meet Dragonsong

sleep (soul brand : water triggered)


skip lesson and talk to bad student

you skip lesson

skip again, talk to bad student

skip lesson

go meet bad student at the cafeteria

sleep (soul brand : fire triggered)


skip and talk to bad student

skip lesson

skip again, talk to bad student

skip lesson

go see dragonsong

go to sleep (soul brand : earth triggered)


skip and talk to bad student

skip lesson

skip again

skip lesson

go meet dragonsong

go to sleep (soul brand : thunder failed !)


skip lesson, talk to bad student

you meet Anna (choose to talk to her !)

skip lesson, go see Anna to the toilets (if you can't, talk to bad student)

skip lesson

go see Dragonsong

go to sleep


skip lesson, talk to Anna

skip lesson

skip lesson, talk to anna

skip lesson

go see thunder teacher

go to bed


skip lesson, talk to Anna

skip lesson

skip lesson, go to Anna

skip lesson

go talk to thunder teacher

You meet Seaclya. After her explanations, fuck the man in toilet, use the “absorb semen” spell, then go to sleep

26 and more : see below !

Day 26 : before you skip lessons, go to cafeteria and talk to the doctor : have sex with him and get a philtre. Then skip lesson and talk to Anna in the toilets (take the piltre before you talk to her), you should ask her some help to gather a lot of semen, but you'll see her idea only tomorrow. For now, have sex in the toilet and repeat the operation for afternoon. During the dusk, talk to : students in men dormitory (NOT YOUR ROOMATE!), man in cafeteria and janitor (DON'T TALK TO THE MAN TIED IN GARDEN : ITS A TRAP!) and FINALLY : the thunder teacher (it's very important!). If you notice that you are not in estrus anymore, take a philtre if you can. Before you go to bed, use absorb semen. Day 27 and more : You will spend each next days according to this schedule : go see the doctor to gain a philtre. Use it, then talk to Anna (she will wait you in men dormitory, in front of your bedroom). You will spend all the day as a meatoilet. Everybody will fuck you until the dusk. You should gain a lot of SP like this (philtre increase the amount gained). After this, use « absorb semen », take a philtre if you need and fuck all people you can (students, janitor, cafeteria man, NOT THE TIED MAN) and finish with thunder teacher. Absorb semen once again and go to sleep. If you gain enough sp (it should be the case on the 28th day or 29th), Seaclya will make her apparition after you fucked the thunder teacher. Now, prepare to fight Berryl. No matter what level you have, HP will mean nothing during this fight. Each turn, Berryl will use a soul brand on Lilina : light (you will lose your armor), wind, water, earth and finally she will try the thunder. During the thunder turn, Lilina will remove all your hypnosis. Each turn, you should use some attacks / lust spells (some of them will be unavailable during a precise turn due to hypnosis) and Berryl will act also. Each time Seaclya interfere, you will lose some SP. If you go under 5 000, you loose and have bad end A. You must beat Berryl before. After you beat her, she will run away and thunder teacher launch his control on you. You will fight the true director of the academy, but you should be able to beat him easily. After this, if you love DragonSong enough, you should have those scenes : After a long dialogue who explain what happened to Lilina, you will be in her Mind room. Talk to each « magic Typhoon », then talk to the crystal. If Lilina follow DragonSong, you will be sure you have the good end (if she stay, you will have bad end B). To resume, after a Dark Magic ritual to enhance the thunder teacher powers, DragonSong will die to be sure that Lilina will obey him forever, but the Director was alive and save Lilina. That's it, you escaped to Berryl and gain Dragonsong necklace. For now, Berryl's suggestions will trigger if you fight alone against random monsters (take of armor, get excited, etc. but you still attack anyway). Since Seaclya won't interfere when you got « earth » effect, Lilina will automatically activate her « queen's longer wish » and be raped by monsters (but the fight won't end for this). She will do it once per turn. You will loose 100 hp for each rape and there is one chance that Lilina get pregnant from the monster who raped her. When this occurs, Lilina stop the fight and walk slowly on the map. When this happen for the first time, go to sleep. A scene will occur and you gain the lust skill « abort/give birth », who allow you to... abort the baby or give him birth. If you don't activate this skill when you got pregnant like this, you will automatically give birth at the 7th day. Plus, because of those hypnosis suggestions, Lilina will have a different comportment :

  • she have no shame. You can unstrip her whenever you want, she will not take back her clothes
  • she need more sex to get out of estrus
  • each orgasm will trigger an urination and she loose 1 hp
  • she can't have less than 500 lust
  • she can become pregnant in fight (like a said before)

Bad end A description (if you lose against Berryl or have less than 5 000 sp at the 30th day end : Lilina will be raped again and again in the dark magic classroom until her mind broke. Even after this, she will be raped again and again and again... Bad end B (if you beat berryl but wont love enough Dragonsong). The Thunder magic teacher, who become magic academy's director, became Lilina's master forever. She won't try to fight against him, she love be his toy. Director will use hair to rise a succubi army and awake king Inma while he fight the empire. Lilina will be his most trustful peon in this war.

Parasite Line Edit

This will be a short quest, you won't really have much conditions to trigger it. You just have to accept the « parasite eggs collect » quest and go to the cave. Talk to the guard so he let you pass and go for the underground. Explore it, Lilina will see a zone with a lot of eggs. Try to reach it, you will fall to the 2nd underground. If you play in easy mode, there is an invisible relic chest on the left of a pod (try to walk on each case until you bump on one of them, the chest is here). Now, get out of here to meet Aisha, an ex guild member who came here. She will say you that you can't escape... don't listen to her and try to get out by the « tentacle vines »... you will fail and came back to the parasite nest. When you wake up, you will be infected and naked. Explore the floor and check each circle. You will notice that you can't escape so... be patient until you give birth to the parasite. For this, each day and night, talk to 3 parasites for suck them and feed yourself. At the 3rd day, your parasite were born and Aisha will lead you to a pod. Follow the cutscene and you will have, once again, 3 pregnancies days. Suck 3 parasites per day and night and then, go to the pod when Lilina ask it. Finally, your parasite king will born. You can summon and unsummon him by a lust skill (500 sp cost!). When he's on your head, this parasite will fuck your mouth (but you will be able to talk anyway) and each orgasm mean he infest you. For now, keep him on the head, you will need his assistance to get out. After the cutscene, talk to the parasite king and make a choice : kill him or convince him to spare Aisha (he will trust you so...). Aisha will give you here necklace before you leave. Now, this line is over. Get out, unsummon the parasite and take an insecticide (if you spend a night, you will have parasite on you and you can't wear a suit with em... so if a guard see you, he will send you to prison... and if you let parasite take the control, you will come back in the parasite nest... but now, this is no big deal. Anyway, you need to have use an insecticide when you can for avoid this uncomfortable situation.)

Sacred Beast Line Edit

This is a long quest. Not for her story, but for the fact that you will spend a lot of time for farming with the hope to finally get out. There will be little benefices because this quest have no real ending (except bad ending). To trigger this quest, you must accept the guild quest « farm robber ». When you came to the point that Lilina notice that she got robbed, don't go after the thief, but go to the next house. A man will lend you some money (you're supposed to give it back with interest). Lose all of this money by bet, then talk to the rabbit woman. She will give you a job where you are supposed to give flyers in bunny girl suit. Go to bed without doing this job (next house). The next day, the man will come to get his money. Since you have no money left, he will give you a last chance. Lose all of the money he gave you. Now, the real quest is triggered : he will take you to a castle. You have to pay your debt by unicorn races. Even if scenes will tell that the golden unicorn want to have you here forever, you can win with it. Here is some explanations about how things will going here :

  • to finish this quest, you must get out of here, no matter how. For this, you

can try to get 50 SP and summon Seaclya or you can pay your debt by winning races. Collect SP is hard since you have one single way to do it, but we'll be back about this way later

  • Each day, you will have around 400 hp to spend by training. For this, the best

way is to ride your unicorn. You can jump the barrier, but you will spend a lot of hp per jump and there is a chance that you won't gain anything, but if you do it correctly, you will gain a lot of riding level and affection.

  • There is one single bad ending. If you trigger it, it will be your choice and

nothing else.

  • If you are ready to spend a lot of time, you can buy the unicorn and be able to

summon her via an item. Unicorn will allow you to travel faster

For now, you are at the unicorn farm. The first days, you will only train. You must win 5 000 G to get out of here. Each races you won will make you gain 1 000 G. But if you loose, you will have 1 000 G added to your debt... and if you refuse to make a race, you will have 2 000 G added to your debt ! You will probably never win 5 races without a single loss.

Vous êtes donc désormais à la ferme des licornes. Votre objectif les premiers jours sera de vous entraîner. Vous devez gagner 5000 g pour vous échapper, soit l'équivalent de 5 victoires d'affilées. Si vous perdez une course (il faut impérativement que vous finissiez première), votre dette montera de mille g. Si vous ne participez pas à une course, elle grimpera de 2 000. Enchainer 5 victoires d'affilées sans recharger sa sauvegarde à chaque fois est impossible, en particulier au début. Vous aurez des chances de gagner, évidemment, mais elles ne sont pas bien élevées. Your winning probability depend to your riding level and your unicorn affection's degree. The more you have, the higher are your winning chance. For the first day, go to the training zone on the right. If you play in easy mode, go check between houses to get a relic. Once again, it hiding in an invisible chest. After this, talk to the man to start your training. Walk with the unicorn until you are too tired. Then go to your room. Inside, you have 3 actions : give water and food to your unicorn and eat. If you feed the unicorn, a menu will appear. Try all actions that you can (not the red, of course) and see how your unicorn react : it will influence your affection degreet. Eating food will give you a hp boost but since there is unicorn pee, you will lose all your SP you harvested (not at the beginning of course, you cant have sex for now). If you want avoid it, you can eat Snowy's food at night (your neighbour). If you ate, go outside and train with your unicorn. Do this everyday until the races start. You will now have one race per day and events will trigger according to the affection degree and debt progression. Here is which event will occur :

  • you will unlock « special training » in the basement : you must

do 3 laps of a circuit by riding an unicorn with a dildo in the pussy. This training will boost your victory chance for the next race. If you do this training enough, your trainer will take place on the horse. This is your chance to get SP. You can do this training at night.

  • After you love your unicorn enough, Snowy will propose you to do this training

with your unicorn. Do it enough and you can do another kind of training : have sex with your unicorn. Your affection with the unicorn will raise and it unlock some actions before you go to sleep (suck your unicorn and, later, have sex with him).

  • Later again, Fetch will talk to you about what will happen if you pay your

debt : will you get out without your unicorn ? Or will you buy it. If you want to buy the unicorn, you must gather 1 000 000 in addition to your debt. However, you have a solution to quickly raise money : once per 3 days, you will participate to an exhibition race (after a normal race). If you win, you will gain 200 000 g in a row. If you lose, you won't see your debt rising, but you will have to do a « unicorn's wife » training where you will have sexe with the unicorn while training in the special room in front of spectators. And the next exhibition races will occur in this situation : on the sex of the unicorn.

  • Finally, if you love your unicorn enough, you will be able to talk to Fetch before

you go to bed. He will propose you to stay. If you accept, the « bad ending » will trigger : Lilina will stay with her unicorn, bread for him and, finally, become the new regent of the unicorn farm when Fetch will die. This is your choice of course, you can refuse and continue until you got enough money to buy the unicorn and get out

Slave Line Edit

Torres is a place you rather avoid unless you know what will happen to you. When you go to Torres, your progression is frozen until you get out of here : you will become a sex slave and must find a way to get out. 3 situations will lead you to Torres :

  • you lost a fight against a bandit. There is one chance that he enslave you and

lead you to Torres.

  • Yoy worked as a maid in the Anvil port's mansion and fall to a trap (if you

want to become a maid, go talk to the girl in front of the kitchen in the guild. Work as a maid until the event triggered).

  • You will be send her by the S quest rank (after the guild line). This

situation will change some points of Torres, but we will see this later.

Torres is a city where women have almost no right. If you go there, you will be the slave of a man. There is what you have to know :

  • you have 3 jobs to do to avoid a condamnation :
  • - pay your master by winning money (in the arena, as a whore in brother or by

dancing during the night.)

  • - be trained by your master (ask him to be trained)
  • - please him (buy some food in the marked and cook for him and/or have sex

with him during the night if you are not too tired.

  • Your performances in the brothel (and how much clients you can serve in one

service) depend to your training level. You can see your level by watching a mirror. To raise your level, ask to your master. Your hp level will also sightly influence your performances. Be sure to wash your body between each clients. When you have finish your job, talk to the woman at the desk.

  • There is 3 levels at the arena. Each level will have 3 fights (you can stop

between two fights). You can accept only one level per day. Normal and hard will be unlocked if you finish the previous level. To win a fight, you can... win the fight, or avoid monster during the round (60 seconds). If you win, you got your pay. If you lose, you must pay 3 time the money you should win (if you have no money, your next victory will pay this debt).Since you can't cast a curse and Seaclya absorb your SP each night, you rather avoid monsters.

  • you can dance each night at the pub. Dancing will be tiring. If you are in estrus,

you will be more performant. If you please enough the public, you will gain more money.

  • If you are too tired, you can use an energy potion once per


  • Philtre will give you an estrus and you will be more performant for dancing and


  • Skooma will also enhance your performances, but be careful to not become


  • Sedative will cure your estrus state in case of need (can be


  • Talk to everybody in the city. You will notice a slave who prepare her escape.

When she's missing, it mean she did it. Now you can to do the same thing : talk to men in front of the storage. You will discover a craft where you can hiding. Buy food, draw water, and talk to the same guy to get in. Since you still have the collar, you must talk to Anvil blacksmith to get it out.

  • If you play in easy mode, you will find an invisible chest behind the arena.

Inside, you will have a sacred relic.

  • After 7 days in the master's service, he will evaluate you. If you please him

enough, he will renew the contract (this is in your interest)

  • after some days, you will be judged to your slave skills. This event may trigger

an event to be John's slave. John is Torres's chambellan. At his service, things will change a lot. Look the next section :

As John's slave, you have no debt to pay anymore, but you will serve John, Gloria and Tressi. Those two ladys will educate you. Gloria will impose you a special chastity belt. She's the only one who can open it so talk to her if you want work to the brothel or have sex with some guards. If you are in estrus state, you can talk to some guards to have sex (keep talking until they do it). Be careful : you will gain some SP but HP will decrease so do it before you go to bed, even if you have only one HP remaining (they still rape you). 3 events can occur the night :

  • Gloria and Tressi are in their cell. Talk to her to have sex with her (you can

train, be punished or serve her. Until you'll be able to have sex with John, the only option you can have is the training. This training will raise your level for the brothel)

  • John can call you to have sex. It will raise your loyalty to him. This loyalty

will be important to the S quest, be careful to not rise him too much !

  • John wont fuck you and Gloria and Trossi are not in her cells. You can just

sleep or go dancing... or go to the house in the palace garden to become a feed table (and be fucked) to gain a dancing queen suit who help you for the dance.

Before John accept to fuck you, you will have some quests to do. Just follow Gloria's order when she ask you to go to see her at her office when she work in the arena. To please John (even its risky), you must let him dominate you at least one time when you play the dog rôle. He will call you alone the next day. Once again, let him dominate you. After this, if he's pleased enough, talk to him, he will give you a passport who allow you to get out of Torres until some conditions : you must go back in 30 days (nothing will happen if you disobey him, but you will be punished if you go back to Torres but nothing dangerous, you still John's slave) and he want you to do some job to gather slaves for Torres. Spend some day out of Torres (and the mansion where you must do the job) will decrease your loyalty. Last thing : he will give you the chastity belt's crystal who allow you to open it whenever you want. If you are too much loyal to John, Trossi will propose you to become a permanent slave. Yous should avoid this because you will keep your slave collar forever, so no more curses... plus, some people will take you as a slave if they see the collar and if you are out of Torres. This is all you need to know if you go to Torres... the next part is for the S rank quest. For this mission, you must save Sarah, the 3rd princess. This girl is captive in John's palace. To save her, you need to become John's slave. For this mission, there is a quick way : win the hard level's 3rd fight in the arena. You will automatically became his slave. Another thing to know : since the Mercenary's poison will act, you must work to the brother at least one time all 3 days to have your antidote and talk to your contact (it's better to go everyday to be sure you won't miss him). Do your slave job until you got the passport. Then, try to resist as much as you can to his powers. For this, don't hesitate to fuck the guards when you are in estrus : the more SP you have, the more you will be able to resist. One night where you will serve John alone, you will see Sarah, the princess. When you have to choose between submission or resist to his power, chose to resist. Lilina will become Sarah's « teacher » from now. The next day, go to her cell (next to Gloria's cell) and talk to her. Then spend your days until you see you contact at the brothel. For now, you will have to « teach » Sarah each day. You need a SM queen suit (you will find it in the closet). Note that if you have the futa power, you will trigger some alternative sex scene sometimes. For now, you can avoid to have sex with John at night : during the day, at the south of the city, you will see some rest point (in circle). You can spend your night here if your not in estrus (fuck guards or take a sedative). You can also sleep all the night along here, but there is a chance that a guard spot you and lead you to your cell, which mean a chance that you fuck with John... The nexts event will occur automatically. At a moment, your contact will tell you that his men will capture Gloria and Trossi and give you a special potion to resist to John's power for a week. When it occur, sleep to your cell : even if John fuck you, you will be immunized to his power (and please him but your loyalty won't raise). Events will continue but there is a moment (be vigilant) where potion won't be active (you can see it in your menu or next to your hp gauge if you activated the option to see it on the game screen). When it occurs, sleep outside until you get a new visit of your contact in the brothel. The end will depend to your loyalty score : if it under 500, you will kill John and escape with Sandra, win 1 000 000 G and be able to see the true end, congratulations. If it fail, you wont kill John Sandra will be submitted to him, just has you who will become a permanent slave automatically. The game will continue, this is not a bad ending, but you will have some hard time since you won't be able to cast a curse anymore...

Prison Line Edit

There is chances that you will go to prison, probably because guards saw you naked. It wont be that easy to get out, but this is not a big challenge anyway. In prison, the best way to get out is just to be a good prisonner (you should have 2 days to spend here). But if Lilina is excited the morning where she should get out, she will fuck a guard to stay a little more. To avoid this, you can masturbate in the mine until you have less than 4 500 lust. Some points you should know about the prison life :

  • sleeping wont really be comfortable. You even will be more tired than you fall

asleep. The only way to get more energy is the food. Take the more expensive food because they will heal your hp at 100% (and can be usefull even outside of the prison).

  • Working everyday is vital to avoide a condamnation's extention. Each time you

complete a job, you will have a proof of your job and some gold you can spend to buy food or some medicine. You can work to the farm (if you want to do the abadon line, you should harvest more food than they asked for the future, it will be usefull) or the mine (if you are lucky, you will get more gold than expected)

  • Each action you'r doing for the work will drain your energy so be carefull. If

you have less than 100 hp, there is a chance that you collapse and you will spend the night to suck guards and must spend more days to the prison. Plus, Lilina will be in estrus the next day, but Lilina will have 100% of her HP.

  • Being excited double the energy you spend during your job. If you are excited,

go masturbate in the mine or buy a sedative.

  • Each time you go to bed without a proof of your job, you will spend night to be

humiliated and will have a prolongation of the time you must spend in prison.

Thats all for the principals points. Maybe you want to try an evasion because you have too much time to spend here before you will get out. There is how you must do to escape : First, you must give tobacco to Robert, your neighbour in the cells. Give hime 5 tobacco to win his affection. You can get tobacco by have sex with the guard who sell food. But be careful : there is a chance that he use philtre on you so you will be excited after this (if it occur, he will give you some food for compensation, but you still need a proof of job to avoid a punition, so go masturbate or take a sedative). Then, you must be the boss's plaything. Talk to him and accept he take care of you. To be able to inspect his room, you need to have full energy to not collapse with him and have sex with him until he go get some sleep. Plus, You must not fall to estrus mode or Lilina will go to fuck guards. If you survive to this, you can inspect 5 things in his room and get gold, lockpick or (on the boss), keys (this is random, maybe he will awake before you got a key). Note that each day he fuck you, he will give you a proof of job and some food, but no gold. Finally, now you can fuck guards to calm your estrus. After some seances, the Boss will give you a contract : he will be the only one who can fuck your pussy (guards will have anal sex with you). Each day you spend at his service will give you one day less to spend here, but if you have vaginal sex with an other man than him, you will have a punition (more days to spend. The first time, it will be 100 days, next time will be one or two). But now, you will sleep in a better room and your door wont be locked. You can even have a night walk outside, guards wont say anything. Last thing to know, you must avoid to take of your rope or you will be punished. If you need to wash (Boss dont like dirty dogs), go outside and have a bath in the river. The last point for your evasion : go talk to Robert, he will give you an air bag. Dont ask him to untie you before night fall. If you have a lockpick, open his room during night so he can untie you. Or you can try by yourself via the skill list « behaviour ». then, go check houses near the storage. There should be a locked room. Try your key, if its the good, the house will be opened. Inspect all chests until you got your equipment. Go to the river and escape.

Abbadon Line Edit

This line is hard to get. To unlock it, you must do some quest in this order :

  • hypnosis line (magic academy include)
  • parasite line
  • Guild line
  • Slave line (save the princess!)
  • after this, go talk to Melissa and pay her information. She will tell you a lot

of thing and give you 3 anti-holy potions (the same one who save you from John divine power)

  • Prison line plus some more : go to the Prison and give tobacco to Robert 5

time. After this, you will talk to him about Abadon but he will get angry. Now you have to talk to him everynight (need a lockpick) and have sex with him until he tell you where is the magical stone. She will be on the beach where you landed after an evasion (Anvil port, at the west of the dock). During your prisons day, do some harvest and get some vegetables, you will need this.

  • Go talk to Aisha (the parasite girl) for get some informations about Abadon

parasite (facultative if you wont get the true ending and aim a bad one)

  • if you aim the true ending and have some money to sped, buy some philtre (5 or 6

will be enough). If you need some money, a man seek a wind teacher in Anvil port. Go give some « wind lessons » each day until you have enough and a little more (more money will give you less dificults to have true end).

  • Go to Island village... and make a safe save...

first thing to do : go to the inn and talk to the woman. She sell water and vegetables. Spend ALL YOUR MONEY for this (keep enough money for spend two nights to the inn but not now) then sleep here until the night (one night spend so). At night, go to the crystal at the north part of the village. This is your last chance to have a safe save, even god will tell it. Explore this cave until Seaclya alert you : you are parasited. Get out and let Seaclya apply some treatment. Next day, spend a night to the inn (and buy food unless you already made it). A scene will show Lilina go to an empty house... Now, serious things start... There are crafts on the left and buckets on the right. Full them with the food and water you bought. You will also find a water bag. Get out and do some provisions. The night, you will steal them, the day, you can work for the farmer on the left. Lilina wont go to the inn anymore due to parasite influence. During the night, dont get caught by people who will do some inspections (anyway, if the see you, you will just go back to your house). Spend some days like this. If a craft is empty, full it with what is in your inventory. If you talked to aisha, your parasite son will be summoned and warn you about your situation. When you can, drink a sacred potion. Since the parasite is kinda strong, it will work only 24 hours so use it each time Lilina ask for it ! Now, you have a new objective : gather 500 SP and use the lust skill « portal » to go see Seaclya. There is only 4 peopole you can fuck : During the day, you can fuck the doctor, the man who keep storage (near to the doctor's room) and the farmer who give you harvest job. During the night, you can fuck the man in front of a house to the right of the siren abaddon's statue (if you cant see it, have a walk in the village and remember to steal food anyway, he will show himself finally). Philtre will help you to enhance your sp collect. Think to use the « semend absorbtion » too. During the 3rd day, you MUST have 500 sp and use the skill « space time portal » to talk to Seaclya and finally get your true ending. This one will give you a lot of thing : the lust queen set (with the best weapon... if we not count the Patreon's stuff), the abaddon set (who grant you to fly by a command in behaviours skill) and the right to fight a secret boss in your next run : the Wolf God himself (yeah, the same that you see in the final scene). Go to the « independant quest and event » for more informations. If you fail to gather sp in the 3 days, you will ran out of potions and you will have a bad ending anyway. Two possibilites :

Bad end A : when the parasite will progress enough (you have a tail), Lilina wont be able to wear a suit anymore. If a villager see you like this, you will be caught and villagers will try to burn you, but failed. So a mage will take you... to Melissa. She will cure you to the parasite and you will be her plaything, a Lucia's sister Bad end B : Just keep to steal the village, full your food and water stock and live. Lilina will forget everything about her previous live and became an Abaddon Queen. A girl will spot her and become her friend, then she will kidnap a villager and rape him until he subdue. Finally, Lilina will conquer the village, each woman will become an Abaddon siren, men will serve her and the village will prosper like this. This end will give you an item who can change the abadon stuff aparence (the one you win by true end).

Independent quests and events Edit

this is a list of event and quest that you can trigger but wont be affilated to a line.

  • during the day, in Anvil, you can see a flower girl in front of her house. Talk

to her, then go see her during the night. You can become a whore like her and spend nights in her house to have sex. You will gain some sp and 800 g per night.

  • Same thing can happend after you finish magic academy : a man in Anvil

port look for a magic teacher. You can be hired to give wind lessons to his son. Each « lesson » will give you a lot of money per day (1 000 to 3 000g)

  • In poor streets of Anvil, there is the « lover shop » where you can

buy sexy items. If you go the futanari skill from Melissa, the woman will make a proposition to test her « specials products ». if you refuse, you wont be able to do this anymore. If you accept, you will have to spend 5 days to test a vibrator and go back each night give informations to Lilith. Be careful : she will give you a feelsteel collar who lock your magic. Due to a bug, this wont be automatically equiped. If you wont do it or if you miss a night, you will be punished an entire day. After the 5th day, you will become a permanent futanari (dick wont disapear) and you will be sold to the Rowling family. Lilina will propose you to free yourself. If you beg her, you will trigger the bad ending where she taunt you and disapear, Lilina will stay in this house and be fucked by lot and lot of women who treat her like a god (a god or a good ? Maybe a mistranlation). Her semen will be used to enhance Rowling family.(note : if you finished the magical academy, it wont happend) but if you order Seaclya (or did the magical academy), you will act like a queen and Seaclya, proud of you, will obey. You can make the dildo disapear or keep it (if you keep it, you wont be able to have vaginal sex anymore so no more SP. Plus, vibration will drain your mp and enhance your lust over and over)

  • during the « abandonned well » guild quest, maybe you failed to fight

monsters. If it happen, you will be prisonner of sucubi who rape you over and over. To get out, you must take your equipment back. They are in the right hole in the wall. Then, talk to the succubi in the middle and have sex with him. After each sex scene, ask him to help you until he accept. After this, you will have a long scene. To the end, you will seal this part of the well and go back to the guild. Since you saved the girl, this is « mission completed ». the next day, the girl you saved will be in front of the welle. Talk to her twice, she will accept to go back to see succubis and stay with them forever. During the night, go to the well and lead her to the succubi zone. They want to make the girl a seedbed and want you to stay until she finally give birth. You have no choice. Give birth to a first litter, then you can stay (and play this scene over and over until you are tired) or try to escape. For this, you must take your equipment back (hole in the right side of the birthing room) then go out before succubis caught you. You cant save the girl anymore. You can come back whenever you want (each sex scene will give you SP and your birth/maternity stat will raise.

  • if you made the true end, now you can fight wolf god. Before this, you need to

have the futanari spell (or else you will fight for... exp and nothing else). Then, on the world map, take the abadon set and use the skill « fly » to go to the southwest of the map (you can fly over the ocean, dont worry) until you see a castle in clouds. Land on the island and go in. Talk to the alternate Lilina, she will explain what you will fight and full your sp gauge. You will have 2 fights : against 2 Lilina's and against god himslef. To be honest, you cant beat them if you are low level. Those opponents are really strong. So be fully prepared. The wolf god is resistant to simples attacks and curse. Your best weapon is lust skills (this is why the other Lilina give you her power). If you beat god, you will have some sex with her. Futanari skill is necessary to knock her up and be safe from a brainwashing. After this, talk to alternate Lilina who give you some hidden CG (in Seaclya's world). Congratulations !

  • Do you remember the guild quest with chinese title. If you accepted it, you

should have a skooma addiction. If you go back see the dealer, he will give you some job : deliver skooma to clients at the inn. If you accept, you will have skooma everyday. Or you can give the new product to the guild the next day and end this (still addict anyway, good luck).

  • Remember the big creature you fight during the guild line ? After this, you

can come back to see him and have sex. He will give you a good amount of SP everyday.