Owen is the guild master. He rule the Anvil adventurer's guild with determination and is ready to do all sacrifices for guild sake. He became Lilina's husband in the guild line.


Owen is the Adventurers Guild Master. When he take his post, he put all his energy to enhanche him and game the trust of some people. All members pledge loyalty to him and some people are ready to die for him. When Lilina came, he started by ask her 5 000 g, then the cursed armor raise desire in him. So he propose some sex to become guild member. then, after this, he keep propose sex to Lilina to make her climb ranks more quickly. Finaly, Lilina ask him to raise her rank at least one time after she became senior member and cleared all quests she could accept. Aware of her potential, he tried to gain her loyalty by giving her the fame she searched. He present her like a great adventurer to the guild, making her gain reputation.

When Konsipno started to attack the guild, he asked to his spies in mercenary guild to keep an eye on him. He knew that Lilina were poisoned by Konsipno and forced to be the mercenaries slave but said nothing. He slowly gain Lilina's affection and make her Angel Huntress. Then, he ask her for a mariage. Lilina accepted. He could just make her his wife in order to gain her loyalty and have a family, using Lilina to have fame and influence, but the Witch finaly discover her true face. In order to keep having her loyalty, he offer to mercenaries to pledge him loyalty and become their boss. He kept Konsipno prisoner and he broke Lilina's mind by making her mercenaries sex slave, making her raped by his men during their wedding ceremony.

Finaly, he send Lilina to Torres City in order to save Sarah. The goal for him were to have Empire's gratitude.


Owen is a man of power and influence. He dont care about conventional comfort like family, richess or friendship. All he want is fame and influence. This is all mater for him. He dont hesitate to sacrify his more trustful adventurer for this, as long as he know they will do everything for the guild.


Lilina : Even if she became his wife, Owen dont really feel love for her... but some kind of affection anyway since he chose her to become his wife and not another woman more talented than her. The Cursed Armor's influence can raised this affection with desire. Anyway, since she become a loyal slave, Lilina is loyal to him (we dont know if this loyalty remain in cursed armor II anyway)