Mhairi is a hirable adventurer and Loki's partner. She dominate Loki each night for sexual pleasure and will do the same with Lilina. Compared to Melissa, who do this for her comfort and power, she's kind with her submissives partners.

Story Edit

Before Cursed Armor events, she lived with Loki at Imperial City, working as Warden of the Imperial City's Prison. She left the City with Loki before the king was assasinated. Then she became Adventurer. According to what she said, she lend her services in exchange of a indecent salary, but when Seaclya awake her desires, she accept to help Lilina in exchange of some sex during the night.

Personality Edit

Mhairi is a lewdly dominant woman. She do this only for the sex and show some affection to her partners. Even if this is for a single night, she will submit the partner then give em some affection to the morning.According to her "Torturer" rank, she must know how to torture people, probably for her warden job.

Power and Abilities Edit

Mhairi use a whip as weapon. Her stats show a lacking of strenght , which men that she wont be able to damage a lot her ennemies. Her interest reside in her fight skills : she can restraint an enemy to prevent him for attack and can damage all of her enemies with snake dance. Sor her role is more suport than offensive.

Relationship Edit

Loki : Mhairi is Loki's Mistress. We don't really know how she consider him, if he's just his servant, his sex friend or his lover, but she spend each night with him anyway.

Lilina : If the Cursed Armor werent raised Mhairi's desire to make her help Lilina, she probably shown no intrest to her. But she finally accept Lilina as a regular sex partner. When Lilina became a model for the guild, she even show her respect for the abandoned well exploit.