Loki is one of the four adventurers who could be recruited. He's Mhairi's partner and her dog.


Before Cursed Armor, he lived with Mhairi to Imperial City. He left it with her before the King was assasinated. We dont know if, like Mhairi, he worked for Imperial City's army. Then he become an Adventurer with her.


Loki is submited to Mhairi. No mater she say, he obey. His personality is not very developed so we dont say anything about him...

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a spellblade, Loki wan fight by sword skills and magic. Hower, his magic abilities are weak : he only know thunder and fire basic spells. Actually, his physic abilites are more developed and he have good sword skills abilities. Equip him with an attack ring is the best thing to do.


Mhairi : Loki is Mhairi's dog. he do whatever she say. He probably feel some affection to her unless this is just desire. We dont really know...


Loki is the only playable character who can use both fighting skill and spells.